Syria: To Do Something or Not, That is the Question

The recent violence in Syria continues to shock. Thousands of civilians have been killed by their own government. Leaders are supposed to protect their citizens, not bombard them. Attempts by the international community have not changed the situation. Neither the United Nations nor the Arab League has been able to persuade President Assad to stop the assaults. He seems impervious to any form of outside intervention, taking advantage of his privileged relations with Russia and China to divide the international community.

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Linsanity to Warm the Cockles of Your Heart

nyt lin jeremy.jpgAmid the harsh days of winter chills while waiting for the warmth of spring to finally arrive, amid the slow-starting election campaigns in France and the United States that have so far failed to ignite any flames of enthusiasm, a sports story has erupted in the U.S that has warmed hearts around the globe. Jeremy Lin has created a sensation. The New York Times had 11 articles about him in five days; Linsanity is front page news.

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The United States vs. Switzerland in Court and on the Court

The United States is a world power; it has a population of over 300 million; it has the world's largest GDP at $14.58 trillion, a military budget of over $700 billion that dwarfs the next 12 countries in the world combined with a leading role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) collective defense. In spite of the recent financial crisis, rising debt and high unemployment, no one would deny the power of the United States, even in relative decline.

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The American Super Bowl Servette FC, Xamax and Sion

For an athlete, the importance of sports is evident. For the non-athlete, the importance of sports is debatable. For the sociologist, the importance of sports is undeniable.

Servette FC is part of Geneva's community. Although the number of people who attend games is relatively small, a large segment of Geneva residents follows the trials and tribulations of their home team, both on and off the field. Servette unifies all elements of Geneva's cosmopolitan population. As for Xamax and Sion, they are integral parts of a sense of belonging of entire regions; the Valais roots for Sion, the Jura is (was?) behind Xamax.

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