Ukraine, Switzerland and the f-word

The future of Ukraine revolves around its very identity if not its borders – member of the EU and NATO or part of the Russian Federation and its Eurasian association, with Crimea or without, with its eastern section in tact or not. Another alternative, put forward by Moscow, would have Ukraine minus Crimea remain one entity ruled from Kiev as a loose confederation. But for the present government in Kiev as well as for most western leaders, federalism for Ukraine is a dirty f-word.


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The Davis Cup and Switzerland: Pourquoi Pas ?

Switzerland is world famous as a financial center as well as home to multinational companies like Nestlé and Rolex. The city of Geneva is famous as the global human rights and humanitarian capital. In multilateral diplomacy, Switzerland is often said to punch above its weight, hosting major conferences such as the recent one on Syria. In sports, especially in skiing, Switzerland is among the top countries in the world. But in tennis?

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John Kerry and RBM

When I was playing for my high school tennis team, I once walked off the court after losing a match and began giving excuses to my coach about why I had lost. He cut my arguments short by pointing to an L on his scorecard. “See this,” he said. “It’s an L. You lost. That’s all I care about.”

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