Federer’s Victory and the Era of Identity Politics

When I visit Kiev, I often ask my hosts: “What is Ukraine? What does it mean to be Ukrainian?” Watching Roger Federer play in Bâle this weekend, it was not difficult to understand what it meant to be Swiss; there were flags waving all over St. Jacques Arena as well as cow bells ringing. People had the Swiss cross painted on their cheeks. To be Swiss was to be behind Federer: to be behind Federer was to be Swiss. There was no doubt that Roger personified Swiss identity to the roaring crowd.

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The Ebola Epidemic and Incompetence

Why do we have governments? Libertarians tell us that the best governments are those which govern least. But in times of crisis, such as a natural disasters or wars, citizens depend on their governments to protect them. That is why we pay taxes. In the recent Ebola outbreak, both in the countries of origin in Africa and the countries where those infected have been treated, there has been clear incompetence by public authorities.

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The Complexities of the Battle for Kobani

The media is telling us that the battle for Kobani is crucial in the war against the Islamic State. Upon reflection, there are many, many questions about the battle. We know that there is fighting taking place around and within the Syrian city on the border with Turkey. While the media’s job is to keep the public informed about major events around the world, the many questions raised indicate a worrying pattern of sensationalism and lack of in-depth reporting in addition to the complexities of the larger geopolitical maneuvering.

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Reflections on Autumn and Indian Summer

As mornings turn darker and darker, leaves start changing colors and the summer heat becomes the nip of autumn, many bemoan the end of summer. I don’t. Yes, vacation time is over; outdoor pools are closed and tennis goes indoors. We are all back to the routines of the regular year. But the riotous colors of the flora and the invigoration of the cool weather make it all worthwhile.

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