Some Thoughts on Ferguson: Plus ca change

It would be enjoyable to write about the victorious Swiss Davis Cup team or a fascinating recent visit to Armenia, but the riots in Missouri dominate the news and once again the world is reminded that racial equality remains problematic in the United States. For someone who worked in the African-American enclave of Harlem in New York City from 1968-1972 there is only dismay that after the many victories of the civil rights movement and the election of the first African-American president, deep-seated animosities remain.

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Impressions from Kiev: A Post-Sovereign Debates Pre-Sovereign

Membership in the European Union is sometimes referred to as a “géométrie variable,” member countries have different obligations; the United Kingdom is a full member but retains its own currency, the Pound and not the Euro. On a recent visit to Kiev, I was impressed by how my comments on the need for international cooperation in the context of today’s global, complex interdependence were met with emphatic calls for sovereign autonomy in a language of emotional nationalism.

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Politicians’ Defiance: Hubris or Necessary Confidence?

President Barack Obama was defiant at his news conference after the recent midterm elections. Rather than admitting to a “shellacking,” as he did following the Democrats poor showing in November 2010 (“A pensive and introspective President Obama said Wednesday the election was a ‘shellacking’ and took responsibility for his party’s disastrous showing,” the press reported at the time), this time the President expressed no remorse. He laid out his plans for the next two years, even threatening to issue an executive order on immigration if the Congress did not pass a bill to his liking. Although the Democrats lost control of the Senate and the Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives and several governorships, Obama was far from contrite.

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Mid-Term Elections, Barack Obama and the American Dream

After Nov. 4, we should know if the Republican Party will control both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the next two years. As President Obama will be entering the last two years of his second mandate beginning in 2015, the lameness of the lame duck President will be intensified if the Republicans control both houses of Congress.

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