Stop the World - I Want to Get Off

The announcement by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) that the Swiss Franc will no longer be pegged to the Euro sent shockwaves throughout Switzerland. One of the harshest criticisms was that the decision was taken by the Bank alone and that the general public was unprepared for the change. Instead of the Bank being praised for denying speculation, it was lambasted for the surprise.

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Let Us Laugh Together, On Principle

The tragic events in Paris tug at our hearts and pose questions to our heads. Our deepest sympathies go to the families and friends of the victims. While we mourn the deaths of the cartoonists and police and are revolted by people being gunned down in premeditated murder, we are led to reflect on what freedom really means and the role of humor.

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Reaching Out to One’s Enemies: The U.S. Gesture towards Cuba and its Implications

Just before the holiday season, the United States and Cuba announced that they were taking several steps to change their severed relations. After almost 50 years of boycotts and embargo, the two countries are ready to open discussions about reviving full diplomatic recognition. While it may seem obvious to most people that the United States’ demonization of Fidel Castro and his regime was counterproductive, the hemisphere’s dominant power is at long last reaching out.

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