Trying to Understand Collective Heroism and Responsibility

“Let’s go, go!” Alek Skarlatos shouted to his two American friends vacationing in Europe as they went after the heavily-armed gunman on a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris. The three Americans are being hailed as heroes, receiving congratulations from the presidents of France and the United States, among many others, for subduing the gunman.

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The Skiing Country Shines on the Courts

René Stambach could not have dreamed of a better Monday. The president of Swiss Tennis awoke on August 17 to see that two Swiss men were in the top five – Roger Federer at no. three and Stan Wawrinka no. five – and that two Swiss women had moved into the top 15 – Belinda Bencic at no. 12 and Timea Bacsinszky at no. 14. Not only is Switzerland the reigning Davis Cup champion, but with the two women in the top 15 and the world’s second-ranked women’s doubles player, Martina Hingis, the Swiss are realistic challengers for the Fed Cup, the World Cup of women’s tennis.

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Sports Insults and Rules of the Game

The tennis world is in shock, according to an article in the Tribune de Genève, because of insulting language used by the Australian Nick Kyrgios during a match against Stan Wawrinka Wednesday evening in Montreal. The insult, referring to Wawrinka’s current girlfriend and another Australian player, resulted in a $10,000 fine for the volatile Australian who later apologized for what he had said in “the heat of the moment.”

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Let Me Entertain You: The US Presidential Election and Politics as Theater

The top ten contenders for the 20016 Republican presidential nomination squared off in a televised debate-like scenario hosted by Fox News last week. The debate was eagerly anticipated, especially as to how the billionaire businessman, reality show host and front-runner Donald Trump would perform. Fifteen million people tuned in. Soon after the debate, blow-by-blow descriptions appeared in the press, with winners and losers announced in a combination of boxing and theater metaphors.

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Cecil and Animal Politics

The recent killing of a lion in Zimbabwe has caused a global outcry. Front page stories recount how guides for an American dentist and hunter, Dr. Walter Palmer, supposedly lured the animal out of its protected habitat, allowing Palmer to shoot him with a bow and arrow, and later to behead him - the stuffed head being the hunter’s trophy for which he paid $50,000 in fees. Considering the number of people dying in wars throughout the world, the number of undernourished as well as the homeless, it may seem bizarre that so much attention at this time has been given to a specific animal.

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