Brexit and Donald Trump


If Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again,” a majority of Britons can be said to have voted for “Make Britain Great Again.” Those who supported the Leave campaign were people nostalgic for a return to a pre-eminent Great Britain, if not a return to the Empire. Polls indicated that those over 45 years of age and many retirees, white males, and those with only high school diplomas who were in favor of Brexit have similar profiles to Trump supporters.

Trump has also called for the United States to go it alone. Forget NAFTA and other encumbering alliances that drag America away from its destined place to lead. Return to those moments after World War II and the Cold War when the United States was the lone superpower, a modern day version of empire today called a hegemon.
“People want to take their country back; they want to have independence,” he said during a recent trip to Scotland, getting down to his real business of business. “You’re going to have many other cases where people want to take their borders back, they want to take their monetary back, they want to take a lot of things back, they want to be able to have a country again,” he added.
Sound familiar?
In a world of growing interdependence, there is something tragic about those who want to turn the clocks back to earlier glory. The nostalgia for a politics of place wherein independent countries vied for domination is technologically outdated. Absolute sovereignty is a thing of the past, but emotionally is very much alive. The era of national if not local politics has returned as globalization continues its inevitable march forward.
Was the nationalistic backlash against globalization inevitable? What could have been done differently? At the current European football championships, there is an overwhelming feeling of nationalism, with flags whirling and national anthems ringing from the stands. There is no team from the European Union.
And that’s the point. The European Union, like all supranational organizations, appeals to a rational, multinational logic that leaves out any emotional attachment.
Whereas the EU has successfully united a continent that was ravaged by two world wars, it has been unable to capture a sense of belonging among its 500 million citizens. There is no anthem to sing, there is no soccer team to cheer for.
Emotional politics is not an oxymoron. If you ask people why they vote for this or that, they will undoubtedly respond with a belief in either a certain person or a certain slogan. Rarely are there logical responses backed by concrete facts. The more complex the world becomes, the more simple answers are appealing. In Britain, it was either Leave or Remain; there was no in-between.
The citizens of Great Britain have spoken. The citizens of Scotland and Northern Ireland may also speak about their belonging to the United Kingdom. We have entered an era of secession and very local politics. Brexit and Trump appeal to that emotion. The citizens of the United States will not have a similar vote, but the emotions will be the same on November 8.
Will there be a different result?

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  • "The nostalgia for a politics of place wherein independent countries vied for domination is technologically outdated."

    Absolument !
    La numérisation n'a pas fini de nous surprendre, nous vivons une profonde révolution politique, sociale et économique et rares sont ceux qui pourraient définir les contours de nos sociétés d'ici dix ans.
    Les frontières n'existent plus sur internet, la blockchain et ses dérivés ont définitivement rassemblé le monde dans le village global.
    Mais c'est justement pour ces raisons que nous sommes nombreux à défendre les particularismes qui tendent à s'estomper et donc à l'appauvrissement de la diversité. La différence est une richesse qu'il faut chérir.
    Pour le moment, la réaction des peuples est peu rationnelle et procède d'une certaine peur de l'inconnu. Mais ces émotions ne viennent pas de nulle part, elle préfigurent une compréhension fondamentale de l'humain.
    Nous allons vivre une prochaine décennie palpitante. Je suis très enthousiaste et optimiste. Merci aux Anglais d'avoir eu le courage de sauter dans l'inconnu. Ils permettent une remise en question profonde des principes qui nous animent et dénoncent paradoxalement la fuite en avant de l'ultra-libéralisme qui creuse dangereusement l'écart entre les nantis et les esclaves des temps modernes de la classe moyenne. Les très pauvres profitent en partie du ruissellement, mais ça ne suffit pas à justifier la dégradation des conditions de vies du plus grand nombre.

  • First, Trump is not yet president of the USA !

    Second, England did never really share the same optimistic views of Europe as other did, specially France and Germany and never joined the euro currency.

    England also had a different approach concerning alliance with their ex-colonisations, britons are more educated and fair-play, especially in comparaison with France after breakup with Algeria.

    What was the non-hidden purpose of Europe construction from the beginning, if not, trying to compete with US and dollar ?

    England came in this betraying game against US mainly as a watcher and who knows, in case EU works successfully. Britons couldn't say no in the the first place, but didn't mistaken about the currency, England refused from the start to "jeté le bébé avec l'eau du bain" !

    Then, when England discovered that they have no future with this EU mess, they simply decide elegantly to move backward, nothing more !!

    And don't misunderstand, England will succeed in this withdrawing, Scotland, Gale aux Irlande will not split with "Great-Britain", no way, that was only propaganda made from Brussels to scare the polls, I would say that England narrow-escaped from the total and disastrous dismantling that futur will bring to euro and UE.

    God bless the Queen

  • On more thing, it is a chance for Geneva to develop more ties with England, especially concerning low-cost airlines companies, Easyjet that will for sure get refusals around Europe as a British based company, so let's get the chance to build a new hub for European destinations from Cointrin !!!!

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