The Local vs the Majority

The former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Tip O'Neill is credited with saying “All politics is local.” But how local can you get? The recent vote in Wallonia, Belgium, against the European Union (EU) - Canada trade deal has led to Belgium’s withdrawing support and the potential collapse of the deal. The local parliament voted against the agreement, and since all 28 EU member countries must sign a trade agreement, Belgium has effectively vetoed the deal. The 27 other members of the EU were on board.

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Should We Thank Donald Trump?

The US presidential campaign continues to sink lower and lower. Personal insults – “Lock her up” – and revelations about sexual misconduct – both about Donald Trump and references to Bill Clinton – have hampered any serious discussion about major issues. What to do in Syria? How to overcome income inequality and racial tensions? While neither candidate has stayed completely on the high road, there is no question that Donald Trump has been in the forefront of the personal attacks.

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Can There Be Too Much Democracy?

Besides cuckoo clocks, chocolate and watches, Switzerland is world renowned for direct democracy within its political system. At the federal level, citizens can propose changes to the constitution through initiatives or ask for a referendum on any law passed by the parliament. Swiss citizens are more powerful than citizens in representative democracies such as the United States. This rule by the people is greatly admired, and certainly more democratic than the American system by which nine judges on the Supreme Court can eventually rule a law unconstitutional.

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Who Did It?

Who shot down a Malaysian Airlines plane over Ukraine two years ago? Was Russia involved? Was Saudi Arabia involved in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the United States? Can the families of the victims sue Saudi Arabia for any role in the plot?  

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