Who’s at the Table?

With the Christmas season and New Year’s Eve upon us, you may feel particularly sensitive about invitations. Why was I not invited to this party? Why was so-and-so invited? In fact, although this is the season to be generous and altruistic, distinctions between insiders and outsiders cannot be ignored. Sending cards and inviting for festivities involve making choices. It is often intriguing to note who was not invited.

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“We Won.” Is it that Simple?

The dizzying unfolding of the post-November 8 election results in the United States continues. As the buildup to the Electoral College vote on December 19 approaches, there is uncertainty about how to react to the results. Grass-root protests, boycotts of the Inauguration and planned marches are in the works. Recounts in several states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, allegations of Russian hacking, condemnations of the C.I.A. by the President-elect, Clinton’s substantial popular vote majority, and Trump’s ethical conflicts of interest all contribute to this uncertainty not seen in presidential elections since George Bush v Al Gore in 2000.

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Can We Have Escalade More Often?

The Escalade race is said to represent “the best of the Spirit of Geneva…,” “Geneva at its highest,” according to Pierre Ruetschi in the Tribune of December 4. He wrote that 40,000 people running in numerous categories and a thousand volunteers all contributed to “a remarkable collective effort.”

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The Communication Gap

The recent votes for Brexit and Donald Trump as well as populist movements in Europe reflect an anti-globalization backlash. There is no question that rising unemployment and the technological revolution have caused insecurity. People are afraid for their jobs; millions are worried about the future. Many in democratic countries fear increasing instability.  

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