Expertise and Its Discontent

When my friends refer to me as “Doctor Warner,” I know I am in trouble. They are mocking my Ph.D. Indeed, democracies are based on the equality of citizens. Each qualified person has the same vote whether or not they have degrees in political science, listen to the news or read several newspapers a day. My friends are gently reminding me that “one man, one vote” means just that. We are all equal.

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The Passing of Jimmy Breslin

Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin died last week. Berry, an icon of rock ‘n roll, was globally known for hits like “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven” He was the first true rock ’n’ roll superstar. Breslin was a superstar to New Yorkers, especially to those who looked forward to reading his byline to find out what was behind the news. He was also idolized by fellow writers.

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Are Human Rights Universal?

Do women’s rights mean the same thing in New York and Jeddah? Are individual rights a Western concept opposed by collective rights in Africa? Is advocating for human rights a form of hegemony by the United States and its allies? Why are economic, social and cultural rights prioritized by certain countries while civil and political rights are prioritized by others in spite of the fact that they are supposed to be interdependent?

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The Tweet Too Far?

Donald Trump likes to tweet. Donald Trump likes to attack. Like many New Yorkers, he believes that the best defense is to be offensive. He has attacked the media as “enemies of the people;” he has attacked the intelligence services. He has now attacked a former president, Barack Obama. And he did this in an early morning tweet.

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We Live in Interesting Times

A Chinese curse says “May he live in interesting times.” In a 1966 speech, Senator Robert F. Kennedy said: “Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.” Are we living out the Chinese curse or are we living in “the most creative of any time in the history of mankind”?

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