The End of Liberal Internationalism: U.S. and China Heading in Opposite Directions

At a recent social gathering near Geneva attended by academics and international civil servants, a visiting American scholar chortled: “This may be the last bastion of liberal internationalism.” The United States was the dominating force behind the creation of the United Nations and the Bretton Woods institutions – the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. After 1944, the U.S. tried to establish a liberal international order that focused on democracy, the rule of law, human rights and multilateral organizations.

Is that order coming to a close?

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“You’re Fired!” President Trump Dismisses F.B.I. Director James Comey

We have now passed the 100 day mark in Donald Trump’s presidency. If there has been one outstanding feature of this period, it has been the inconsistencies of the 45th United States president. One day Taiwan is important, soon after he announces no change in the United States’ One China Policy. For a while, Russian President Putin was a potential ally; soon after President Trump appointed advisors who are strongly anti-Russian. Trump has also retreated from his position on NATO. In January he said that NATO was “obsolete.” A couple of weeks later, the White House confirmed that Trump will attend a NATO summit in May. Campaign Trump threatened import duties on China and on Mexico. He said that on his first day in office, he would designate China as a currency manipulator. These things didn’t happen.

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Macron, Sanders and Trump: Is the Party Over?

Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election. Not only is he the youngest French president ever elected, but he was able to create his own political party – La République En Marche! – to defeat the traditional left and right French power structures. Similar to the success in the U.S. presidential primaries of the independent Bernie Sanders and to some extent Donald Trump in the general election, Macron’s win is further evidence of the decline of historical party organizations.

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How Free Is Our Speech?

Richard Falk and Ann Coulter have had their speeches cancelled at major universities. The freedom to speak our minds is one of the cornerstones of liberal democracies. But that freedom has its limits. We know we cannot shout fire in a crowded movie theatre. We know we cannot incite people to violence. We know we cannot purposely tell lies about someone or print racist invectives. What we can and cannot say has been circumscribed by the law.

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