Switzerland’s Golden Age of Sports

Switzerland is going through a golden age of sports. But, like so many things in the small Alpine country, you would be hard pressed to know the details. No one yells from the top of the Matterhorn; “We are the greatest.” And yet, in three major sports, the eight million population has turned out some remarkable athletes. Countries with similar populations – Tajikistan or Papua New Guinea for example – are not in the same class. Even fellow Alpine Austria lags far behind, except in skiing.

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Emmanuel Macron’s Victories: “Throw the Bums Out”

As the summer heat stifles and plans for vacation are more important than the latest tweet from Donald Trump, the continuing success of French President Emmanuel Macron gives cause for reflection. How could a 39-year-old create a new political party in one year and then go on to defeat the traditional French parties in the May 7 presidential election? And he continues to succeed. In the recent legislative election, Mr. Macron’s party won 350 seats in the 577 National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament.

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Trump’s War on Universal Rights

“Human rights are central to the mission of the United Nations. Not only are they the right thing to do, they’re the smart thing to do,” United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley declared in a recent speech in Geneva. The ambassador made a traditional distinction between “the right thing to do” and “the smart thing to do” in outlining the U.S. position as well as castigating the Human Rights Council for its inclusive approach to her perceived human rights violators such as Venezuela, Cuba and the Russian Federation.

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Trump Shoves Europe Off the Stage

Donald Trump made his first trip outside the United States as president. While much has been made of the performance of Melania Trump as an elegant counterweight to her husband’s boorish behavior - pushing aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro to be in front for a group photo an excellent example - the overall results of the trip can be simply describe in a perceptive cartoon by Patrick Chappatte in The New York Times International Edition of May 31.

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