A Davos Debrief and Critique of Star Gazing

Donald Trump came, saw but did not conquer at the 48th meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. His presence overshadowed whatever agenda the WEF’s founder and boss Klaus Schwab might have had. Indeed, Trump’s personality overshadows most attempts at serious discussions whether on the situation within the United States or on global politics. The president of the United States has become more than just the president. Already a central figure on the world stage, he has become a planetary superstar who appears in all the media from serious journals to vulgar pop rags.

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Roger Federer the Humorist

“It’s not mine,” Roger Federer quipped to the crowd when a child’s crying disrupted play during one of his matches at the Australian Open. Amid intense competition, the winner of 19 Grand Slam titles was able to interrupt his concentration to the delight of the crowd and an appreciative smile from his wife Mirka, mother of their four children.

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Donald Trump Heads to the Magic Mountain

German writer Thomas Mann came to Davos in 1912 to visit his wife who was suffering from lung complications. At that time, Davos was known for its sanatoriums. His visit became the basis of his classic novel, The Magic Mountain. Davos later became a famous ski area and home to the annual meeting of those “committed to improving the state of the world,” the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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Did you have a good vacation?

The Christmas break is ending – or has already ended for some– and after wishing happy new year, the inevitable question comes up: Did you have a good vacation? The question implies that what did you do during the holiday was different from your usual routine. Having “time “off” assumes you can profit during that period to do that which is not possible during the normal school/work time frame.

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