Shaqiri and Xhaka as Quantum Phenomenon

Xerdan Shaqiri and Granit Xhaka were the stars of the recent 2-1 victory for the Swiss national team over Serbia in the World Cup on Friday in Kaliningrad. They scored the squad’s only goals. The precious victory placed the Swiss in an ideal position to advance to the next round of the prestigious tournament. But more than just soccer stars, the two demonstrated that what has been called “spooky action at a distance” can exist on the soccer pitch. They actualized one of the most counterintuitive aspects of quantum physics.

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A Day at the Fights: Valais Cows and International Relations

My favorite was number seventy-three. She had a certain dignity about her. When potential intruders approached her space, she gave off an aura of invincibility causing them to walk away. When potential enemies came too close, she chased them off with a simple flick of the neck. Those familiar to her stayed nearby, confident that if they were threatened she would come to their defense.
There was no question; number seventy-three was a natural leader.

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To Russia With Love? In Praise of Trump the Includer

The soccer World Cup opened in Russia on June 14. The 32 competing national teams are hoping to lift the coveted trophy on July 15. Two hundred ten teams from six regional confederations vied to qualify for this global event. The last World Cup, in 2014, reached over three billion people through the media with more than one billion watching the final of the planet’s most popular and prestigious team competition.

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Globalists vs Tribalists: The False Debate Over Switzerland First

“Who should have the last word concerning laws within our country? Swiss citizens and the cantons or international organizations and foreign judges?” asked Roger Köppel of the right-wing People’s Party during a recent heated debate in the Swiss Parliament. “One puts the law of the European Union above our Constitution!” exclaimed a scandalized Hans-Ueli Vogt of the same party.

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