Pierre Maudet, Unimpeachable Behavior and the End of Innocence

Geneva politics have been riveted by charges of unethical and potentially illegal behavior by Conseiller d’Etat Pierre Maudet. Should he leave office? Can the local branch of his political party, the PLR, force him to resign? After all, the head of the national party has already expressed her wish that he step down.

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Gilets Jaunes, Modern Junk Politics and Robespierre

During the recent holidays, I had the opportunity to listen to my French friends extol the virtues of the gilets jaunes movement. “We have had enough of the elitist rule that has left most of the French working class economically desperate,” Pierre said. “People have gone into the streets out of dire frustration.” Jean added; “This is not just a complaint about taxes, rather it is an uprising against the oligarchy that has destroyed democracy.”

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