Brazil, Turkey: “The Street’s the Place to Go”

Whether in Turkey or Brazil, “the street’s the place to go” (from a song by the Weather Girls). Social media has allowed hundreds of thousands to protest against government policies throughout the two countries. But questions remain about the identity of the protesters, what they are protesting against, and the outcomes desired.


There were two specific issues during the 1968 protests in the United States: ending racial segregation and ending the Vietnam War. Although the protests were not necessarily identical, these were the fundamental issues around which students and sympathizers coalesced. Many of the same people participated in both protest movements, united by the two progressive causes. (I will ignore those cynics who said that the real issue behind the May 1968 movements was for students to get out of final exams.)

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Occupy Wall Street Searching for New Venues

Winter is approaching. The occupiers of the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) could be running out of steam because of the cold. Camping out in downtown New York in December is a true test of political fortitude. In addition, impressive muscular interventions by police have cleared out several of the protest sights across the United States. Many of the loyal are now behind bars.

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