“The United States is Back” and the Limits of Nostalgia


The Biden-Putin upcoming summit in Geneva is being compared to the ground breaking 1985 meeting between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. The circumstances surrounding the summits are very different. 2021 is not 1985. While there are tensions between the United States and Russia, we are not in the midst of a Cold War. The United States and Russia are important geopolitical players, but China is not at the table, nor are billionaires Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or others whose wealth cannot be excluded in serious global negotiations. 

Today’s world is pluricentered. The United States-Soviet Union domination is over. Private actors, individuals as well as multinationals, are the new geopolitical heavyweights.
Joe Biden opened his first foreign trip as president by announcing that the “United States is back.” What the president didn’t clarify was to where the U.S. was returning. The obvious answer was that the United States was returning to working with its allies. Biden’s scheduled meetings with the G7, NATO and European Union leaders confirmed this. After Donald Trump’s erratic go-it-alone diplomacy, Biden declaration asserted that transatlantic relations were being reset and stabilized with Biden, as president, re-assuming America’s traditional leadership role.
While this obvious answer may satisfy those who have longed for the post-1945 U.S. “indispensable” role after four years of Trump’s creative destruction, nostalgia has its limits. 
What United States was Biden referring to? The first euphoric 100 days of his presidency are over. The success of the vaccination program has not translated into a sweeping political leverage. The infrastructure bill is bogged down. Republicans are determined to keep major changes they initiated during the Trump administration. Biden’s proposed reforms have met aggressive opposition.
The Trump era has not ended. Not only is Mar-a-Lago the capital of the opposition, but those who followed the 2020 election closely saw how Republicans did very well in local and state elections. The consequences of those Republican successes are now playing out across the country. 
And, if needs to be noted, despite whatever slim margins Biden may have in today’s Congress, history tells us that they will be wiped out in the upcoming mid-term elections. It is quite possible that the Democrats will lose at least one house of Congress in 2022 which would leave Biden further hampered in whatever changes he proposes.
So whatever return to American leadership Biden may be announcing, the reality at home is far from his declaration. And the allies know this. Biden is on less solid ground than Ronald Reagan when he met Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva in 1985. The United States in June 2021 is far from the opening line of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 campaign: "It’s morning again in America."  
The United States is back with whom? Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron? Prime Minister Johnson is under domestic pressure after a series of scandals as well as facing a potential vote for Scottish independence. Chancellor Merkel, the most solid European leader for decades, has decided to retire with no obvious candidate of similar stature to replace her. French President Macron's term in office ends in May 2022 and he is not assured of defeating Marine Le Pen in the upcoming presidential election.   
Back in the multilateral system? Much is being made that Biden is returning the United States to the multilateral system after the Trump hiatus. And since the summit is being held in Geneva, there is reason to be hopeful here. But again, this may seem too obvious. Biden has yet to name an ambassador to the international organizations in Geneva. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was unanimously approved for another term in a recent Security Council vote, although this was a foregone conclusion since there were no other official candidates. The U.S. may be back in the multilateral system, but is that something to brag about? 
“The United States is back” is a sentence that warrants reflection. It implies that time has stopped, and that the current situation can go back to the way it was before. But time moves on. The United States is not the same as it was in 1985. The Soviet Union no longer exists. Geopolitics and diplomacy have changed. 
President Biden’s declaration is noteworthy for its nostalgia. A serious examination of the current summit and previous Geneva meeting reveal profound differences. As Thomas Wolfe wrote in You can’t go home again, you can’t go “back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time...”



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  • "billionaires Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or others whose wealth cannot be excluded in serious global negotiations" I do hope this is a blunder.

  • The New Atlantic Charter, signed by US and UK, reveals the thinly veiled strategy behind the current gatherings. The new agreement urges Western allies to oppose China and Russia as threats to their collective security. Also, a look at the location of US military basses reinforces hegemonic objectives. Russia has bases in nearby countries and the US goes global. So make a grandiose gesture of worldwide non partisan vaccine dispersal and claim strong concern for human rights - as long as they are not Palestinian, of course. 'We' are good and 'they' are bad.
    Trump has been reported to claim that he will reclaim the presidency in August. Although there is no direct proof of these words, it seems consistent with his spoutings. Perhaps he and Netanyaju will jointly mobilize their supporters for a return to their 'shared values'.
    Humanity has endless threats coming from far too many sources to comprehend.
    So what's next? More pageantry is quite likely.

  • One of these days, the whole world will need the Chinese engine to move forward.

  • I don't really think Joe Biden isn't aware of the fact that a private consortium of multinationals, web start-ups and philanthropic foundations are ruling the world for their "end-to-end" neostructural purposes. When he says that "the United States is back", he just plays on a lying narrative saying that the U.S. still are ruling themselves and the world as a state.

    Coming here to say that Donald Trump's resisting mandate against this paradigm wasn't the real "the United States is back" is another lie.

  • Je reconnais bien là le langage policé d'un diplomate. Dire plein de truc pour ne rien dire vraiment.
    Qui peut aujourd'hui encore être dupe sur les véritables motivations des uns et des autres ?
    Le sommet de Genève aura eu le mérite de clarifier un point majeur :
    - Les US sont en déclin et ont besoin de Putin pour résister à la puissance de la Chine.

    Mais surtout, il met en relief tout ce qui sous-tend ces causeries :
    - Les US passent leur temps à dépenser des trillons dans des élections qui assurent l'alternance et donc le surplace alors que les Russes font confiance dans leur président.
    - Les US sont en déficit chronique et dépendent dorénavant des GAFAM qui sont les véritables entités aux commandes et qui imposent leur agenda mondialiste, transhumaniste et eugéniste;
    - Le système bancaire est mort, il ne tient qu'à un fil et dépend de la capacité à ces nouveaux leaders d'imposer une monnaie numérique officielle, pièce importante du puzzle mondialiste;
    - La Chine est en passe de diriger le monde sans la moindre effusion de sang;
    - La démocratie a été pervertie à un tel point qu'elle appelle la dictature éclairée dans ce mouvement de balancier historique;

    Mais la résistance est à la mesure des défis et nous commençons à comprendre ce qui se trame en coulisse malgré les tentatives de marginaliser ceux qui ont été ciblés comme complotistes pour mieux cacher la merde au chat.
    - Les plus grands épidémiologistes au monde ont dénoncé la supercherie du Virus Corona et les tentatives pathétiques des médias inféodés n'auront que plus permis la mise en évidence d'un agenda inavouable;
    - Si le niveau d'éducation global semble suggérer que le peuple est soumis et fonctionne de manière grégaire comme les moutons, personne ne saura empêcher l'intelligence et, comme d'hab, les courageux permettront la prise de conscience universelle de l'arnaque mondialiste.

    Mais les véritables questions subsistent.
    - La planète peut-elle abriter plus de 10 milliards d'habitants sans épuiser les ressources ?
    - Quelles seront les moyens mis en oeuvre pour gérer la démographie ?
    - Qui seront les entités aux commandes ?

    Le reste c'est de l'amusement pour la galerie.

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